Many people claim to tell the truth or to be innocent.

The purpose of HERACLIS INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY HERACLIS S.R.L. is to separate the facts from all irrelevant factors and to discover the truth – exactly what matters to our client.

A polygraph test, also known as the lie detector test, measures and records several physiological indices (blood pressure, pulse, breathing rate, etc.) while the subject answers a number of questions.

The test is based on the theory that false responses trigger physiological reactions that can be differentiated from those caused by true responses.

Polygraph examination is performed by the General Investigations certified polygraph expert with more than 15 years’ experience in forensic polygraph expertise.

The test is conducted according to the methodological standards in force, the equipment is accredited and the procedures are approved.

Examinations can be conducted at our headquarters .




The accuracy of a polygraph test performed by a qualified and qualified professional may be between 75-95%

If the use of the polygraph is specified in company anti-theft policies, then it can discourage dishonest behavior among employees.